Help: Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Access

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Access

In order to provide you the most detailed information in your SEO account, our system needs to have access to your Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics data.  Please follow the instructions below.

IMPORTANT! – The video and images below use “[email protected]” but you should use “[email protected]

Google Analytics (GA) – Setup URL –

Step 1: Click “Admin” at the top of the GA screen

Step 2: Select the appropriate property

Step 3: Click “User Management” under the property column

Step 4: Add permissions for [email protected] as “Read & Analyze” and check option “Notify this user by email”


Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)Setup URL –

Step 1: Click “Manage Property” and choose “Add or remove users”

Step 2: Add [email protected] as a full user

Step 3: Link GWT & Analytics by clicking the gear in the upper right corner and choosing “Google Analytics Property”  Then select the appropriate analytics web property and hit save.

*Please click “Setup URL” first if you do not currently have a GWT account setup for your domain.  Please note that – – – are all different.  We advise the format assuming you have an SSL installed on your site.