Review of Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Software

Infusionsoft marketing automation software makes it possible for small businesses to automate their marketing activities. Small businesses lack the capacity to fund frequent elaborate campaigns that usually target a mass market. The most effective method of reaching the market niche of the small businesses is to exploit all customer touch points to build lasting relationships and drive sales.Infusionsoft marketing automation software is built with this intention in mind.

Besides the fact that the software has an excellent performance, the greatest advantage that customers enjoy is the commitment of the designers to ensure that the clients succeed in their businesses by using cutting-edge technologies that deliver a software that provides unparalleled automated marketing solutions for small businesses in various industries.

Infusionsoft marketing automation software is an excellent automation package for small retailers, professional services firms, information marketers and e-tailers.Infusionsoft understands the capabilities of their software, and they strive to reach out to the prospective clients who can derive the greatest benefits from the software.

Though Infusionsoft marketing automation software can be used in sending publications such as newsletters, the real use is the creation of automated email and delivery based on customer behavior and conditional logic. What this means is that each prospective customer and his/her spending behavior and circumstances are treated as its own marketing initiative.

The features that Infusionsoft marketing automation software provides:

  • CRM/Sales capabilities: The marketing software has an inbuilt customer relationship management tools that provide advanced tagging and lead scoring capabilities.
  • Email capabilities: though most marketing automation software have email marketing capabilities, Infusionsoft marketing automation software is better than the rest because it enables drip campaigns, demographic segmentation and subject line A/B testing.
  • Content capabilities: Infusionsoft marketing automation software is easy to use and offers more capabilities when you want to create webinars, landing pages and other forms of content to send to your current and prospective clients.
  • eCommerce capabilities: Infusionsoft marketing automation software acts as your product database if you sell products online. The software offers features such as affiliate programs and coupon codes.
  • Social media capabilities: The marketing automation software integrates with Twitter and Facebook to help you create social apps and control social advertising from within the service. It also supports social media monitoring that makes it possible to pull comments posted on the social media websites into your CRM system.
  • Training and set-up: It takes a short time to implement the marketing automation tool in your business. The customer service representatives and the technical team at Infusionsoft are always ready to assist you if you have any questions.

Infusionsoft marketing automation software is one of the most popular online marketing tools because is not only efficient, but it is also affordable.

Out of the other marketing automation platforms I have used in my business, Infusionsoft seems to be the real deal. It's simply awesome.

The campaign builder of this marketing automation tool has the best design. You can easily spend days in the campaign builder because it's fun and efficient.

The powerful CRM system on the infusion marketing automation software lets you get unlimited tags, lead scoring, pipeline reporting, automated quotes and several other capabilities.

Users who have the eCommerce package can use this automated marketing tool to manage the eCommerce system of their websites. This enables up-selling, enhances customer life-cycle marketing and automatically adds clients into your Customer Relationship Management system.

Though Infusion is one of my favorite online marketing platforms, there are three things that are not great about it.They are minor issues but can have an effect on various small businesses.

  1. The initial training package is expensive: Though Infusionsoft automated marketing tool is affordable, the mandatory $1,999 initial training package is prohibitive for some small businesses.
  2. Doesn't support recurring PayPal payments: Those who use recurring payments have to pay for the Customer Hub add-on from Infusionsoft.
  3. Difficult A/B testing: Infusionsoft supports split testing, but it's not easy.

All in all, Infusionsoft marketing automation tool is a great product. I highly recommend the software for small businesses.

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