Duplicator Pro WordPress Backup Plugin

The Duplicator Pro Backup and Migration Plugin Makes Life Easier for WordPress Site Owners

Duplicator Pro promises to give WordPress website owners an easy way to migrate or backup their sites. As many of you know, there is a huge demand for the WordPress platform, with an estimated 33% of all content management system-based websites using it.

Version 5.1 has been downloaded over 19,700,000 times. As the platform continues to grow, the need for better ways to backup and migrate sites running WordPress also grows.

The developers at Snap Creek wanted to provide a tool that would allow anyone to migrate a WordPress site and create backups whenever they need them. This led to the creation of Duplicator Pro, a plugin that claims to allow users to “migrate a WordPress site in just minutes.” Does the finished product make good on that promise? And can it be used by those with minimal technical knowledge?

How Does Duplicator Pro Work?

The Duplicator Pro plugin lets users transfer WordPress sites from any computer to another computer or a hosting provider. Once installed, the plugin will appear along the sidebar when the user logs into WordPress.

The “Create New” button lets the user set up a website package. They can add a custom name and choose from different storage options like local, FTP, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Different files can be included or excluded from the archive. The plugin will scan the site and build a complete overview.

The user can go back and make changes as needed or, if they are happy with the results, they can click the “Build” button. Duplicator Pro will bundle everything into one organized package that can be moved to any location that hosts WordPress websites.

Packaged sites also appear in a .zip archive list. The files are shown with an origin, size, name, and date created. An installer is provided that lets the user deploy the package whenever and wherever they want.

Duplicator Pro Features List

Duplicator Pro includes several time-saving features that are designed for people of all technical skill levels. The WordPress plugin saves time and adds flexibility for site owners that want to move to new host locations. What do you get with Duplicator Pro?

  • Quick Site Migration – Users can migrate a WordPress site in a matter of minutes. No coding required. As long as the user has the installer, they can create a package and move it to another host or computer.
  • Easy & Reliable Backups– Duplicator Pro can be used to back up your site easily. Users can create a backup schedule and define limitations to avoid filling up storage space.
  • Hassle-free Site Deployment – It’s just as easy to deploy a Duplicator Pro package as it is to make one. Users can move the installer and archive file to the desired location and have their pages set up in minutes.
  • Works with Multisite Networks – Duplicator Pro supports standalone and multisite networks. Users can also install subsites as standalone pages.
  • Large Website Support – Duplicator Pro includes a custom data format and engine that has been optimized to allow very large sites to be backed up and moved.
  • Supports Cloud Storage & API Options – Use the same storage mechanisms you already trust. Duplicator Pro works with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, cPanel, Amazon Web Services, FTP and more.
  • Overwrite a Live Website – Deploy to an empty site or overwrite a live one. The process is streamlined and takes only a few clicks to install.
  • Create Template Sites – Users never have to manually configure themes or plugins when migrating websites. Duplicator Pro creates one bundle that includes all site content so you can actually make your own WordPress distribution or templated site.
  • Convenient Data Filters – Filters allow users to drill down into data to find what they need. Filter by database table, extension, file, or directory.
  • Email Alerts – Email alerts are built into Duplicator Pro. The plugin will send a notification when there are backup issues, a timeout, or other problems that require user attention.

What Do Customers Think About Duplicator Pro?

Duplicator Pro has received high marks from users on WordPress.org. The plugin currently has a five-star rating with over 1,960 reviews.

WordPress Admin Tracy Styner said “I couldn’t believe how easy it was to duplicate a WordPress site! You don’t even have to install WordPress first. Duplicator takes care of everything!”

Karina Caidez, a website designer, echoed a similar sentiment: “It walked me step-by-step through the process of migrating a WordPress website. If you want to save a ton of time with WP migration, I very much recommend this plugin!”

Other user reviews described Duplicator Pro as “Fast and reliable with top-notch support” and “absolutely indispensable.”

Duplicator Pro Customer Support

Users appreciate simplicity, but they still need to know that someone will be there if they need assistance. Duplicator Pro boasts the “Best support in the industry…” Online documentation is supplied to help users find what they need at their own pace.

For more involved issues, Snap Creek offers a ticketing system. Users can get in touch with a real person for customized support. This service is included at every subscription level. The Snap Creek Ticket Center also provides access to existing tickets and a list of resources and common questions.

To further build confidence in new users, Duplicator Pro comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. As long as the user has given the support staff adequate opportunity to solve their issue, the user can request a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Who Uses Duplicator Pro?

Duplicator Pro is intended for anyone who runs, owns or works on WordPress websites. That includes admins, designers, developers, and content creators. It makes site migration a breeze. Even if the user isn’t planning on moving locations anytime soon, they can still take advantage of the reliable and customizable backup system. Backup files are created and archived with optional scheduling tools and storage limitations based on the user’s needs.

Four subscriptions options are available to accommodate accounts of all sizes. The smallest includes up to three site licenses while the second-tier option upgrades to 15 licenses. Both are ideal for individuals or smaller organizations that are looking for a budget-friendly solution. The two highest plans include unlimited licenses for large companies or corporations.

Will the Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin Work for Me?

If you own at least one WordPress website, then Duplicator Pro can be considered an essential plugin. The plugin is easy to understand and requires no coding. Users can archive, deploy, or back up their pages almost instantly. The scheduled backups are ideal for users who are concerned about losing content due to software glitches or hardware failures.

Duplicator Pro can also be a real time-saver for users who hate wasting time setting up their pages after a site move. Seamless migration and convenient backups make this a valuable tool for many. Check out their four subscription options to find out if the Duplicator Pro WordPress plugin has what your site needs.